Learn All The Tools To Start a Profitable Online Business While Side-Stepping The Horror of a Shaky Economy, And Come Out Of This Historical Time Stronger Than Ever

In Times Like We Are in We All Are Presented the Same Two Choices...

We can blame the economy, complain, and just throw our hands in the air and give up. Which not only hurts you, but your loved ones as well.

✔︎ OR we can make the decision to take ownership of our life and not only "survive", but THRIVE in a time where opportunity is at a record high!

There's Never Been A Better Time To Build An Online Business - SERIOUSLY.

In case you were wondering...


In less than a year I have been able to create an infinitely scalable online empire from the comfort of my home!

It is my mission to help as many like-minded people as I can escape the 9-5 Slavery society has taught us to believe is the right and only path to life!

Give me a few minutes and I promise I will change your worldview!

Here's the thing...

I was homeschooled, introverted, and nothing special at all. If I was able to do it, you are more than qualified!

We are currently in something remarkable for online business owners. Right now, we're in the middle of another MAJOR societal shift.

Right now, we are facing a global disruption in all areas. The Coronavirus is spreading across the world quickly; with now over 300,000 cases WorldWide in just a few short months.

To prevent the spread of infection and ensure our hospitals don't get overwhelmed, much of the world has been mandated to Social Distance: a.k.a, stay home, don't go to work, don't hang out with your friends, and do your part to prevent the spread of this.

Economically, this is causing many large and small businesses to be forced to close down, go bankrupt, or change their model so they can stay afloat. Bills, loans, and rent are being offered forgiveness, people are getting laid off from their jobs--and the entire world is literally coming to an economic HALT.

And OF COURSE, this is inducing a steadily increasing bar of collective fear and hysteria. This IS scary, and you have the right to be concerned.

NOW, I know you have to be thinking...

So, what does all of this have to do with an online business?

Well, everything.

You may be feeling scared, confused, and vulnerable.

You may be noticing the creeping sensation of concern arise within you, forcing you to look at the way you've been running your life.

Now, more than ever, we are being forced to look at ourselves in the mirror and ask:


The thing is: the world is shifting in a way that yes, is scary and challenging, but also a major mirror for us to see the truth:

We GET to be in control of our own personal financial situation. 

That's more available now that it ever has been with the Internet, Social Media, and the ability for quite literally anyone with a SmartPhone and a Laptop to start writing captions on Instagram and attract an audience of people whom they can serve.

"Human suffering doesn't just come in the form of illness. It also comes in the form of people losing their homes and being left unable to pay their bills. We may look back on coronavirus as the moment when the threads that hold the global economy together came unstuck.”

-The Independent

I'm Sure You're Wondering: Is A Global Pandemic REALLY The Time For Me To Start Selling? Isn't That Unethical?

No. It absolutely is not. Here's why:


The only way the economy stays afloat is if people are spending money on things--including you. Businesses everywhere may be shutting down and going bankrupt due to the social distancing initiatives and people staying home (gyms, movie theaters, restaurants, etc.)

If you start making less money and not getting ahead of this, you actually become a part of the problem.

Doing our best to not just survive, but THRIVE during this time allows us to potentially employ more people, and spend money on the businesses that need it.

THAT is how we keep the economy afloat--not by avoiding running our businesses out of fear.

Speaking of fear....


I can guarantee you that a part of your concern around selling and making money right now is a fear-based, ego-driven pattern. Now this isn't a bad thing and it's not "your fault," but it is something  you need to become painfully aware of.

Especially right now, it's very easy to slip into scarcity-based thinking--because life is actually becoming scarce. The simple thought that "you're taking advantage of someone by selling" is a scarcity-based thought that isn't actually true.

An in integrity person selling a service that solves a problem for someone is almost always a deep, intimate service that allows people to mentally and emotionally make a commitment to the thing they know they want and likely need.

Stay aware of how you may be slipping back into scarcity during this time.

If you are--that's okay, just observe it and let it go.

It's time to step up as a leader.

Speaking of...


This is a time to serve the people who truly need it, and to become the leader you truly are.

Leadership means stepping into the version of you who chooses to create a business that solves the problem of the person you are looking to serve.

If you have a calling, now is the time to listen to it.

It might feel scary, but that's the perfect indicator that this is meant for you.


Social Distancing is Half of How You Do Your Part. Contributing to The Economy is The Other Half.

Which means you have to MAKE MONEY and be SPENDING MONEY.

"But John-Paul... I have zero technical experience..."

"I have never ran an online business..."

"I am just a beginner, this will never work for me..."

Well, you thought wrong A-Aron.

Why This Program Was Made For YOU:

 Have Zero Experience and are a COMPLETE Beginner?


I show you exactly how to set up EVERYTHING as if you barely even know what a computer is.

 Have a Physical in Person Business and Would Like to Move to the Online Platform?


Allow me to show you how to take advantage of the online platform and leave your competitors who won't conform with the current times in the DUST!

 Already Have an Online Business but aren't Seeing Results like you SHOULD be?


Let me show you exactly how I am making more than ever while working less! You will learn the beauty of setting up your business as an automated money printing machine!

Still Not Convinced? Fine, I will give you another reason why this CAN most definitely work for you... Man, you guys drive a hard bargain..


I was homeschooled...

I was introverted...

I was a college dropout...

And truly hated technology at first...

I was the pinnacle of an underdog and had to start completely from scratch.

BUT there was one thing that I had that anyone with this underrated secret can achieve whatever they please in life.

I had HEART and a true vision of what I wanted to accomplish.

And because I had those, nothing was able to stop me.

But even with Heart and a Vision, some Online Business Models are just flat out BETTER than others!

Back when I was first starting out I discovered something...

I noticed all of the TOP entrepreneurs were sending people to their "Free Trainings" and I remember thinking "why is almost every single one of them doing this?"

So I checked them out.

What I found out was all of these "Free Trainings" were leading to these entrepreneurs selling their digital courses

At this point I had already spent $15k on digital courses before it finally hit me...

They aren't making most of their money by doing what they teach, they are making it by TEACHING the act itself...

This is when I went to the drawing board.

I started studying why they are selling these digital courses and figuring out how I can make my own.

After completely dissecting all of the courses I had, I was able to master the process and this is when my life completely changed...

"WOW John-Paul! That's incredible!"

"But... Why is creating and selling digital courses so great..?"


I'll keep this short and sweet.

 They Create True Time and Financial Freedom!

The way I show you how to set up your digital course is all for the purpose of having an automated money printing machine!

I am not willing to sacrifice time for money, because time is something we never get back. 

Allow me to show you how to set up your course in a way where you can sit on a beach, drink pina coladas, and still get paid! (After the virus is gone) ;)

 They are 100% Profit!

Where it is simply just a digital course on your computer; You don't have to pay to ship it and you don't have to pay for storing in a warehouse

So the only hard cost you have is some software and your own personal man hours!

There are very few business models out there that offer something like this.

 Take Advantage of the Knowledge Economy!

The Knowledge Economy is a $400 million dollar a day industry, which Forbes.com is prediction to hit $1 billion dollars a day by 2025!

This Knowledge Economy is the selling of self education products on the internet (like digital courses).

Which as surprising as it sounds, is growing at rapid rates even during the rampage of the Coronavirus.

There has never been a better time to join!


I've cracked the code to creating a digital course and building the business of your DREAMS!

After months upon months of constant work and trial-and-error... I have not only discovered the secrets to a massively profitable digital course, but also how to build a following of passionate fans who will beg for it! I put it all in my revolutionary course!

  • Create and grow your audience and make more money!
  • Learn from someone who has already done it at a high level!
  • accelerate your path to Digital Course success!

The Hidden Keys to Digital Course Success 🔑

This isn't a course where you go through confused and get just the bare minimum of information. This is a revolutionary step-by-step guide where I take you under my wing, and reveal the powerful methods and techniques to creating a Digital Course and quickly build an audience of followers who will BEG to buy it.






Bonus #1 - The Automated Monster - Your Webinar

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The Strongest Profit Machine on Earth

You'll get access to a fully automated webinar that works non stop all day for you, 24/7, constantly giving your message to the world.

You'll get access to my:

✓  Actual Webinar Script

✓  Fully Built Webinar Funnel

✓  'Plug and Play' Email Sequence 

Bonus #2 - Building Your Tribe

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Acquiring The Affiliate Army

How to financially incentivize people to promote and market your course.  This is by far the easiest way to market your product.

I'll show you:

✓  Ways to 10x The Number of People That Promote Your Course!

✓  A Full Step by Step Walkthrough to Set up Your Automate Affiliate Program

Bonus #3 - Mastering ManyChat

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Facebook Messenger Bot

With ManyChat I will show my exact strategies to automate personalized conversations with your customers and increase sales/productivity!

I'll explain:

✓  Why FB Messenger Bot?

✓ Couldn't you Just use Email?

✓ A 100% Full ManyChat Walkthrough!





But wait! We aren't done YET...


1-on-1 Private
Facebook Mentorship

You will get full time access to the exclusive private mentorship. That is, access to ME personally. I know it can be confusing at first, so allow me to take your hand and guide you on this journey.

This is also a chance to connect with other highly successful individuals that are in the group and get live feedback on your course, niche, and business!

*This bonus is absolutely ONLY available with your Freedom Business Blueprint purchase. There is NO other way to get access to this exclusive group...


But of course when you buy today, you will not pay even CLOSE to what the actual value of the course is!

If you buy today you get:

($14,986 VALUE) All 6 in depth chapters that will take you from a complete beginner to an expert in the art of digital course creation and building an audience who will beg you for it!

($1,997 VALUE) Bonus #1: The Automated Monster - Your Webinar

($1,997 VALUE) Bonus #2: Building Your Tribe - Acquiring the Affiliate Army

($1,997 VALUE) Bonus #3: Mastering Manychat - Facebook Messenger Bot


(...PRICELESS) 1-on-1 Private Facebook Mentorship

I could have easily sold all of this for the $20,997 it is valued at with all the time, money, and sweat I put into this thing.... But I'm not going to do that to you.

I have been very blessed to receive what I have in life and I believe it is my time to give back.

If you are an action taker and capitalize on this offer right now, you can get the program plus everything else that is included for a small investment of just $997

Yes, you read that right. All you have to do is click the link below and get what is rightfully yours!

Are You Ready to Take Your Life to the Next Level?

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